17.02 Establish Local Open Educational Resources Liaisons

Fall 2018; Resolution Number: 17.02

Whereas, The ASCCC will be initiating a five-year open educational resources (OER) initiative in spring 2019 that will provide OER-related support and resources to the colleges and gather data from the colleges related to OER use and challenges;

Whereas, Research has shown that access to and use of textbooks and ancillary materials are correlated with successful course completion by students, and students postpone or fail to purchase textbooks due to escalating textbook prices and other educational costs, which could impact their success and course completion;

Whereas, Various college-level OER funding opportunities have required the establishment of a local point-person to coordinate such efforts, and the ASCCC has urged local senates to be involved in the process for appointing individuals to such positions (Resolution 19.10 S16); and 

Whereas, The OER initiative plan developed by the ASCCC proposes to further OER use by providing centralized support for local OER efforts, and that support must be informed by local needs and effectively disseminated at the colleges;

Resolved, That the ASCCC urge local academic senates to identify a local OER point-person to act as a liaison to facilitate OER-related communication between the college and the ASCCC